Reading Required Documents in OnPolicy

Some document that are published to the user base may be designated as “required reading”, which means every user of the system must read the published document. For example, you release your new policy on sexual harassment and every must read the new policy.
The document will be added to required reading list and every time users login to the system they will notice that they have documents to be read. A report is available to see who has read the documents, or who may need to be reminded to read the documents. An email may be sent to all those who have not read the document in order to remind people to read the documents.

Reading Documents in “My Required Reading”

Once you log into OnPolicy, you’re at the “Home” page (figure 1). Look at your Dashboard to see if you have any documents in the Required Reading category.

OnPolicy document Required reading screen

Figure 1

“Required Reading” consists of documents that have been drafted (or revised), reviewed, approved, and released to OnPolicy. The number on the “Required Reading” heading in figure 1 tells you this Reader has required reading at this time. This user has three documents he/she is required to read.

Your OnPolicy Editors are not only responsible for drafting, revising, reviewing, approving, and releasing documents in OnPolicy — they also assign required reading. To read Required Documents, click on the icon “Required Reading” link on the Dashboard.

You see the list of Required Documents for this user (figure 2). NOTE: If there were more than one document in this list, the user would have to open the documents one at a time to read them. Since you, the user, must read all documents in this list, OnPolicy doesn’t assign priority.

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