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Some organizations prefer that their employees not download unauthorized software because of the risks involved — primarily viruses, spyware, and other malicious code often grouped under the term “malware”. Many organizations have their IT (tech) support centers handle all software installations and many companies use various tools to block attempts at downloading software (apps) onto company equipment.

For that reason, OnPolicy is now capable of running with or without Java(TM) enabled. Prior to late April, 2011, Java was automatically enabled. Now, when you get an OnPolicy license (or “instance”), the default setting for Java is “disabled”.

Plus, third party browser are dropping support for Java and may not work with the OnPolicy software. We suggest using the OnPolicy Client to access the system.

Enabling or Disabling Java

If you’re an Editor and logged into OnPolicy, click on the “Admin” tab near the top of your screen (figure 1), then click on the “Company” tab to the far right. Look for the “Enable JAVA” box below.


When Enable JAVA onpolicyFigure 1

If the “Enable JAVA” box is unchecked, Java is disabled. As the on-screen explanation states (figure 2), checking the box will enable Java.


how to enable java onpolicyFigure 2

If your company allows Java-enabled apps, click on the box to enable Java (figure 3).


option enabling Java onpolicyFigure 3

Whether you have Java enabled or disabled affects how OnPolicy handles document revisions in the Work Flow process. With Java enabled, document revision and review stays within the OnPolicy environment. With Java disabled, documents are offloaded to your local HDD (hard drive) for editing, regardless of what stage of the Work Flow you’re on. You then have to upload the document you’ve edited to OnPolicy so it can be made available for additional reviews and revisions, as needed. Also see the explanation provided in figure 2.

Java Display

Java enabling/disabling affects the appearance of OnPolicy as well as its behavior. Figure 4 shows you how “edit” buttons appear when Java is disabled (blue “down arrow”) and when it’s enabled (yellow #2 pencils).


Java DisplayFigure 4

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