How Do You Follow a Document in OnPolicy

Log into OnPolicy as an Editor. At the Home screen, click on the icon to the left of “Documents I Follow”, at the bottom of “My Dashboard” (figure 1).

Following document

Figure 1

View a Document You Are Following

If you’ve been designated a document Follower by Admin (or if you’re the Author), you’re notified by email of any change in the document’s status (e.g., Reviewer approved/rejected the document). Click on the “document” icon to the left of “Doc Name” (figure 2) and you will see the document’s Details(figure 3).

view what documents Follow

Figure 2

Figure 3

See OnPolicy Document Details

In the Document Details box, you’ll see the document’s:

  • Title (Doc. Title);
  • Description (Desc.);
  • Classification by:
    • Department (or Group)
    • Category (or Process), and
    • Document Type
  • Release Date;
  • Revision Number;
  • Intervals for:
    • Document Review (ex., review this document every 12 months), and
    • Retention period (ex., retain this document in OnPolicy for 48 months, or 4 years)
  • Whether the document is Required Reading for:
    • None
    • All, or
    • Users in a specific department
  • Details (history) of document Revisions and status (e.g., the document’s effective date); and
  • Additional details (like Permissions, Activity Log, etc.).

Why You’re Following a Document

You automatically “follow” any document that you author (upload). That is, OnPolicy lets you know of any change in the document’s status (if it’s been reviewed, rejected, approved, etc.). Authoring is an “active” role in OnPolicy’s Work Flow. On the other hand, if you’re assigned the Follower role, you’re informed of status changes but you don’t have an active role in the document Work Flow.

Onpolicy-Follow-document_workflowFigure 4

If you’re an Editor (or Admin), you may make yourself a Follower. You may also assign the Follower role to any user for any document.

If you’re a Reader and you need to follow a particular document, you must ask one of your OnPolicy Editors or the document’s Author to assign you the Follower role.

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