Loading a Document, not Creating a new Document

You do not create documents within the OnPolicy environment. Instead, you create documents using a word processing application (Microsoft Word, Adobe Professional, etc.) and upload them to OnPolicy. You can load a document from either the Home Screen (figure 1) or from the Documents Tab.

To begin loading a document, click on the Document tab in the Editor Module, then click on the Add New Document button (figure 1).

Add new document onpolicy

Figure 1

When you click on “Add New Document”, a Document Upload Manager box appears on your screen (figure 2).You have two options: Pick Document for Upload and Pick Multiple Documents for Upload To pick a single document, Click on the “Pick Documents for Upload” button. You can upload a single document. Uploading multiple documents at one time is discussed below.

select document onpolicy

Single Document Figure 2

Next, a “Select Files for Upload” box appears (figure 3). There, you have the option of entering the name and location of the file in the white box OR if you’re like me, you’ll click on the “Browse…” button.

choose Files Upload onpolicy

Figure 3

Locating Your Document

When you click on “Browse…”, you get a Windows-style “File Upload” box (figure 4). When you’ve located the file you want to upload, click once on the name, then on the “Open” button (or double-click on the filename).

Files Uploaded onpolicy

Figure 4

OnPolicy returns you to the “Select Files for Upload” box, now showing the name of the file (figure 5).

Files Selected Upload onpolicy

Figure 5

At this point, you can click on the:

  • Delete button and start over;
  • Browse… button and select an additional file to upload; or
  • Upload button to load the file(s) you selected into OnPolicy.

Click on “Upload” to begin the upload process.

The Upload Process

Back at the Document Upload Manager, we see the list of files we’re about to load into OnPolicy (figure 6). You have several options at this point:

Uploaded Manager onpolicy

Figure 6

  • Click on the check box to the left of a file name ONLY if you decide not to load the file, then click on the Remove Selected Documents button to remove the file from the upload list;
  • Click on Next to continue the upload process; or
  • Cancel the upload process (click on the “Cancel” button).

Classifying Your Documents

When you click on “Next”, you see drop-down boxes for three classification fields required for every OnPolicy document:

  • Department;
  • Category; and
  • Document Type.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to each box (figure 7) to select from a predetermined list of Departments, Categories, and Document Types.

choose department onpolicy

Figure 7

When you’ve selected a department, category, and document type, click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the Manager.

Your documents are now ready for uploading (figure 8). At this point, click on one of these buttons at the bottom of the Upload Manager:

  • Previous to make changes prior to uploading;
  • Cancel to discontinue the process without uploading; or
  • Upload.

uploading documents onpolicy

Figure 8

If the upload is successful, OnPolicy gives you this simple message (figure 9). Click on the “Close” button.

multiple documents uploaded onpolicy

Figure 9

Filling in Document Details

Your uploaded document is now in the OnPolicy system. You need to add just a few details before the document is ready for the Work Flow process. To do so, click on the icon to the left of the document name (figure 10).

selecting document details onpolicy

Figure 10

Several key items are missing (figure 11), including:

  • A short Description or summary of the document;
  • Review and Retention intervals; and
  • Work Flow Permissions, or roles, such as “Reviewers”.

Document Details onpolicy

Figure 11

To help users find your document, your Description should have keywords, or metatags, that users are likely to use as “search terms”. For review and retention intervals, what’s your organization’s policy? Should you review documents every six months? Once a year? That determines what number you enter in the Review Interval box.

Likewise, what’s your company’s policy with respect to document storage? How long do you want/need to hold onto your documents? What standards or regulations apply? Fill in the Retention Interval accordingly.

Once you’ve addressed these issues (figure 12), it’s time to set document Permissions.

complete document details

Figure 12

Assigning Permissions/Work Flow Roles to Documents

For OnPolicy’s Work Flow process to function, Permissions (or Roles) have to be assigned. When you click on the “Permissions tab”, you can assign roles for that document (figure 13).

document Permissions tab onpolicy

Figure 13

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