How to Add an Announcement to OnPolicy.com Home

Editors and Administrators may post Announcements regarding OnPolicy, which all system users see once they log in (figure 1).  To add an Announcement, follow the Editor login instructions to get to the Editor “Home” screen.

Announce Onpolicy
<strong>Figure 1<strong>

Click on the green plus sign (+) (figure 2) in the upper right corner of the Announcements pane.

Add Announcement
<strong>Figure 2<strong>

An Announcement form (figure 3) will then appear on your screen .

The Announcement Form

Form for announcements
<strong>Figure 3<strong>

Completing the Announcement Form

The Announcement form has three (3) fields. All are required:

  • Expiration Date – Enter the date you’d like the Announcement to expire (i.e., drop off the Announcements list), either by typing a date in the box in “mm/dd/yyyy” format or clicking on the “ellipsis” (…) button next to the date box to select the expiration date from a pop-up calendar;
  • Title – Type in the Title of the Announcement; and
  • Message – Enter a clear, concise message about “OnPolicy” (e.g., a policy change, a newly-released document, a news item about OnPolicy).

After you’ve filled in the fields, click once on the “OK” button. The Announcement will then appear on each user’s Home screen the next time they log in or when they refresh/reload the Home screen.

Viewing an Announcement

See Reader – Read Announcements.

Changing an Announcement

Editors can click on the “pencil” icon to the right of the Announcement Title (figure 2) to reopen the Announcement form for editing (updating). As an Editor, you can revise the Announcement’s Expiration DateTitle, and/or Message (figure 4).

How to change announcement

Figure 4

If you want to change the Expiration Date of the Announcement, you may enter it directly in the box (in “mm/dd/yyyy” format). You may click on the ellipsis to the right of the Expiration Date to see a calendar and select an expiration date (figure 5). The calendar will always be positioned on the current month. Click on the single arrow (“<” or “>”) to step back or forward one month at a time.

change announcements calendar in OnPolicy

Figure 5

Use the double arrows (“<<” or “>>”) to step back or forward one year at a time. When you’ve made the necessary change(s) to the Announcement, click once on the “OK” button (above) to save your changes.

NOTE: The Change (pencil) and Delete (red “X”) icons are only available to Editors. Readers should never see these icons in their Announcement lists.

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